As most of you know, I recently joined Intel. One of the things I’m getting involved with is IPDK. IPDK is an attempt to build infrastructure offload using existing tools such as SPDK, DPDK, and P4. It’s a brand new Open Source project, being built in the open, with the goal of running on IPUs, DPUs, CPUs and switches.

In my mind, two things make IPDK incredibly interesting:

  1. As datacenters have evolved, moving infrastructure processing to purpose built IPUs and DPUs frees the host CPU to handle tenant workloads.
  2. Working to provide the correct API abstraction above the infrastructure layers has been a passion of mine since the early days of OpenStack. IPDK can help to make this a reality.

If you’re interested in taking a look around, feel free to checkout our IPDK slack channel. Keep in mind it’s early days. But that’s the most exciting time to join a new Open Source project! Stay tuned for more IPDK news in the coming months.