April has been a busy month in terms of giving talks. I’ve been lucky enough to speak at two events in April:

At ONS, myself and my esteemed colleague Ian Wells gave the following talks:

ONS records these talks, but they charge money to see them. If you’re up for going that route, you can see the talks and buy access to them here.

At the Open Infrastructure Summit, Ian and I gave a slightly updated version of the Open Source Networking: The Useful, The Scrap Heap and The Broken. This event was recorded, and some point the Foundation will have the video live from that link.

Our messaging in the above talks was there has been an explosion of Open Source projects around both networking and “edge”, but unless we start to both look at a longer-term roadmap, and learn how to effectively work together, no one will get where they want to go. Lots of room for growth in both of those areas in open source networking and “edge” projects.