Excerpt from a great article by Tove K. Danovich over at The Ringer:

When Dave Dahl looks at those bread packages, what he sees is what we all see: a freshly transformed ex-con ready to leave the past behind him and has created a product that people don’t just like but adore. He was a literal poster child for breaking through a sordid past and finding success. He worked more hours a week than he could count and shook hands and smiled when people approached him on his days off. Then the real Dave disappeared from public life while his caricature appeared in more and more aisles across the country.

Having been a long-time fan of Dave’s Killer Bread, I found this article quite fascinating. Not only is the backstory on Dave amazing, his current endeavor and his passion for each of the stops in his life is fascinating:

“One thing about this place is if it fails, it’s going to fail big time,” Dave says. Even if it does, it will just become one more chapter in his story — available for anyone to take or leave. Dave has spent the past few chapters struggling to be a better person, to put some good back in the world to make up for what he’s taken out of it. The masks have helped Dave reclaim what he lost when he gave his face away to the company he founded. Behind those hundreds of faces — time-weathered, intricate, strong — that’s where you’ll find the real Dave.