OVN has been evolving a lot since it was announced over a year ago. The project is being developed by many developers from VMware, Red Hat, IBM, eBay and other companies and individuals. If you haven’t had a chance to give it a try, recent work in the networking-ovn project has resulted in fairly complex and realistic deployment topology using Vagrant. I encourage you to have a look at the reference architecture referenced above, it’s very realistic and has come from actual production deployments of OVN with OpenStack.

OVN With Vagrant

Looking at the Vagrant setup with OVN, you can see that we deploy for nodes:

  • A database node which runs ovn-northd the NB and SB databases. Eventually these will be separate ovsdb-server processes once this patch merges.
  • A controller node for running the OpenStack control plane.
  • Two compute nodes running nova compute and ovn-controller.

This is a fairly realistic deployment topology and allows for some realistic testing in a Vagrant environment. We will even support live migration once this patch merges.

Give OVN a Try!

If you haven’t tried OVN with OpenStack yet, go ahead and clone the networking-ovn repository and spin-up our Vagrant! If you hit any issues, find us on #openstack-neutron-ovn on Freenode, or use the Open vSwitch mailing list or OpenStack dev mailing list.