It’s time for everyone to vote for presentations for the upcoming OpenStack Liberty Summit! As is always the case, there are a lot of great presentations submitted, and the community is charged with voting for the talks they’d like to see presented in Vancouver. With so many great options, I wanted to take this chance to share the talks I am humbled to be a part of.

I am particularly excited to have a chance to discuss Neutron 101 with my good friend Mark McClain. We did this talk last spring in Atlanta, and it was very successful. We’ll have a lot more to cover this time with the work we’ve done in Juno and Kilo. And of course, we’ll talk about future work the community is planning for the Liberty release as well.

I’m also excited to discuss the future of Plugin Innovation in a panel session I hope to run. We’ve changed the model of how people write and contribute drivers and plugins, unlocking innovation for everyone involved. We’ll cover this and the future of innovating in Neutron plugins and drivers in this panel.

A full list of all the great presentations and panels I’m a part of are below. If you think any or all of these would make great talks and you want to hear me and my co-presenters deliver them in person, please vote for them!

I am proud to be a part of so many great submissions. There are many more to select and vote on than I’ve shown here, so please make sure you go and vote!