Moving a Cisco NSSxxx from Cisco Firmware to Qnap Firmware

So, Cisco (disclaimer: I work at Cisco, although not in the group working on the NSSxxx products) has recently decided to stop selling their Qnap OEM’d NAS devices. See the link here. For those of us who have one of these in our labs (I have a NSS326 myself), this means no more firmware updates from Cisco. But, the latest firmware for these devices from Cisco (version 1.5, Release Notes PDF here) does allow for users to migrate from Cisco firmware to the stock Qnap firmware.

LimeChat: OSX IRC Client

I’ve recently started attending IRC meetings. Since I run a Mac, I had to do some digging to understand the best possible IRC clients out there. Fairly quickly, I discovered LimeChat. It’s a very versatile IRC client, the UI is pretty clean, and it doesn’t appear to suck a ton of resources. Overall, I’m quite happy with it, and would recommend it for anyone looking for a slick IRC client on the Mac.

iPhone 4S: The Ultimate Travel Gadget

This week I am traveling to San Jose for the oVirt Kickoff Workshop. Future posts will likely detail the events of the event, but for this post I wanted to talk about Tech Gear for traveling. I recently upgraded my aging Nokia N900 to a new iPhone 4S . Given the plethora of apps in the app store, I was curious to try and travel with and utilize the iPhone almost exclusively for this trip.