TimeMachine on a QNAP TS-659

For the last few months, TimeMachine has been failing for me between my Macs and a QNAP TS-659 NAS I have. The NAS is running firmware 4.0.3, and I would consistently get the error “Cannot connect” when trying to connect. I was able to work around this with the following command run manually: sudo tmutil setdestination -ap afp://TimeMachine@ Running that in a terminal window allowed me to then use the GUI to select that disk for backups and things started rolling again.

LimeChat: OSX IRC Client

I’ve recently started attending IRC meetings. Since I run a Mac, I had to do some digging to understand the best possible IRC clients out there. Fairly quickly, I discovered LimeChat. It’s a very versatile IRC client, the UI is pretty clean, and it doesn’t appear to suck a ton of resources. Overall, I’m quite happy with it, and would recommend it for anyone looking for a slick IRC client on the Mac.