PTL No More

I’ve been the OpenStack Neutron for 3 releases in a row. I started in Juno, was re-elected for Kilo, and then again for Liberty. This time, I’m no longer running to be the Neutron PTL anymore. I am really proud of what the team has accomplished while I was the PTL. I’m proud of not only the technical achievements, but also the community building and societal changes Neutron has undergone. All of this was accomplished with the help of some amazing people who likely spent as much time ensuring Neutron was a healthy place for new developers as they did fixing bugs and adding features.

Being An OpenStack PTL

My good friend Flavio Percoco published an excellent blog post recently about what it means to be an OpenStack PTL from his perspective. Having served as OpenStack Neutron PTL for 3 cycles now, I found his post very timely and it accurately reflects what I believe anyone wanting to run for an OpenStack PTL position should consider before making the decision to run. The post is so well written it’s hard for me to quote a single part, but I’ll try here:

Some Thoughts on the OpenStack TC Election

The spring 2015 OpenStack TC elections are underway right now. It’s great to see the number of candidates, 19 in all, who have the desire to help shape OpenStack from the TC level. This shows there is still a real interest in being on the TC. Each of the candidate’s emails shows what they view as important and how they hope to address the issues they deem relevant to the tasks at hand.