Creating a Custom Launchd Plist File

I recently had the need to have a program run every time my Mac was booted. In this particular case, I’m using an old Mac Mini to host a variety of things around the house, among them it runs homebridge with the Broadlink RM plugin to control a Broadlink RM Pro device. The Broadlink RM Pro uses WiFi to receive commands from Homekit, and controls my 20+ year old receiver. I’ll write more about this setup in the future, but for now, lets focus on using launchd to automatically run the homebridge node.

Whitebox Switching Compared to the Smartphone Market

From this post by Ivan Pepelnjak around the usage of no-name laptops vs. Apple products by industry pundits espousing the value of whitebox switching: There’s a simple litmus test: look at the laptop they’re using. Is it a no-name x86 clone or a brand name laptop? Is it running Linux or Windows… or are they using a MacBook with OSX because it works better than any alternative (even Windows runs better on a MacBook than on a low-cost craptop).